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Independent Advisory Group

Independent Advisory Group

Our Independent Advisory Group are a strategic partner to the Executive team, bringing added independent lay insight, and overview regarding delivery of the annual strategic workplan, and contributing to safeguarding the probity and transparency of Local Healthwatch.

Our Independent Advisory Group Members

Helen Grimwood (Contractual Lead)

Carrie Duran (Health and Care Programmes Lead)

Tracy Slattery (Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire Delivery Manager)

Helen Wilson (Lay Representative)

Lorna Briggs (Lay Representative)

Suresh Kumar (Lay Representative)


The Independent Advisory Group, in line with national guidance, is made up of the Healthwatch Chief Executive, the Healthwatch Delivery Manager, and independent members, who will be selected for their specific skills and experience, in the following areas:

  1. Patient and public engagement
  2. Marketing and communications
  3. Health and Social Care
  4. Volunteer management
  5. Strategic leadership

Core Responsibilities

With information provided by the Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire staff team, the Independent Advisory Group takes responsibility for:

  1. Developing strategic plans for Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire and other projects developed under the Healthwatch initiative that are informed by the needs and experiences of North East Lincolnshire residents.
  2. Reviewing plans for the delivery of Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire
  3. Monitoring progress against Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire delivery plans and advising on amendments to meet identified need
  4. Making recommendations to the management of Meeting New Horizons CIC regarding maintaining and safeguarding the independence, probity and transparency of Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire
  5. Championing the public and patient views


The Independent Advisory Group meets in person four times a year and the meetings are open to the public, who are welcome to ask pre-agreed questions. The role of these meetings is to set the strategic workplan for Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire and to check the delivery against that workplan at key stages. 

The IAG provides the overview, scrutiny and challenge to the plans and actions of the delivery team. Dates and venues of meetings are published in advance on our website.